Summer Hairstyles 2011

Summer Hairstyles 2011. Top hair trends, haircuts and hairstyles to wear for summer 2011. When it comes to hairstyles for summer 2011, we’ll be seeing a mix of braids, twists, and dramatic updos. This summer is all about showing off your face shape and keeping your hair polished, fun, and flirty. Look below to see the top hottest trends for summer 2011.

Twists ( Worn on the runway as updos)

Braids ( Fishtail, and unique braids were favored on the runway)

Wavy Styles

Messy Updos

Tight Curls

High Buns

Side Parts

Blunt Bangs

Cropped Cuts

French Twist

Danielle Robinson

Expert fashion writer for Imageandstylenews