Kourtney K Wears Polka Dots Trend

Posted on Oct 18 2011 - 6:03pm by Danielle Robinson

Kourtney K Wears Polka Dots Trend. If you don’t already know, polka dots are one of the top trends to follow for fall 2011 fashion, and recently Kourtney was spotted wearing the trend.

Polka dots haven’t been around for quite a few seasons, so it’s a look that may take some getting used to. I will say that I love how she’s wearing the trend, she paired a blue and white polka dot shirt with khaki shorts and black stockings. The look works because black stockings are always a must for fall, and the fact that she took summer shorts and paired it with stockings is a simple fashionista trick that many women can utilize for their fall wardrobe. I also adore the pop of red through the use of a bold necklace that she wore around her collar, it really plays off the khaki colored shorts.  She finished the look with black pumps and neutral makeup tones. Look below to see her polka dot look.

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